ConsignTill on the Cloud

For merchants who are interested in having ConsignTill running on the cloud and accessed via Remote Desktop.


  • Work from anywhere you have an internet connection (wi-fi or wired)
  • Access using PCs, Macs, and tablets (iPad and Android)
  • Multiple accounts can remote access at the same time (two accounts included with basic setup)
  • Free ConsignTill upgrades
  • Free Remote Backup with Consignor web Access to sales



  • Monthly fees (see below)
  • Access depends on internet access (no internet, no POS)
  • Requires you to have good and reliable internet
  • Not compatible with integrated credit card processing (at this time)


Pricing (may change if my costs change):
$50 month via PayPal subscription. This includes two Windows accounts for Remote Desktop access.
$20 month for each additional Windows accounts for Remote Desktop access.