Reports / Output – RJFSOFT

Reports / Output

  • Prints report (full breakdown, consolidated by SKU, consolidated by Category)
  • Prints laser check (QuickBooks “Standard” style: 3 checks per page)
  • Many reports to view, print, and export (Accounts, Inventory, Items Sold, End-of-Day, Taxes Collected, Net Profits, Replacement Value, Settlements, etc.)
  • Automatic daily check for items unsold at X number of days
  • Batch E-mail (or print letter) to consignors/suppliers/customers within ConsignmentTill (e-mail/letter can be personalized).
  • Print envelopes for mail outs to consignors, customers, and suppliers
  • Quickly access tax totals for a set time period (for remitting taxes)
  • Calculate the replacement value of your stock
  • Print barcodes labels/tags from inventory list
  • Print receipts on either a standard printer (8.5×11″ paper) or the Epson roll receipt printer (model TM-T88). Note: An electronic drawer can be used with the Epson TM-T88 receipt printer