Settings – RJFSOFT


  • Install on several computers and connect to the same database by way of a local area network (no extra cost to install software on networked computers)
  • Automatic database backup to external drive or remote server (Remote Backup subscription – yearly fee)
  • With a Remote Backup subscription (yearly fee), merchants can offer consignors access to their sales info online (via login web page).
  • Import data from Excel files (consignors, suppliers, customers, and inventory)
  • Assign different printers for: Reports, Laser Checks, Letter Receipts, Roll Receipts, and Labels/Tags
  • Design you OWN labels and tags with ConsignmentTill if you own a Zebra Barcode Printer (not limited to Stock Designs!)
  • Ability to charge taxes (only) if item is over X amount (on select categories as well)
  • Buyer Fee Option (this amount of sale price is not split with consignor)
  • Employee Mode – block access to sales data and administration options.
  • Option to force Clerk Login to record agent for each order. Also prevents unwanted users from opening till drawer (security feature)
  • Create item templates for quickly adding items that resell (art classes)
  • Two customizable categories for inventory; Brand and Size are used by default, but you could rename to Color, Location, Art Medium, Year Made, Type, Condition, etc. depending on your type of business
  • Deactivate (hide) Consignors/Suppliers/Customer