SMS Marketing Tool

Looking for a better way to communicate with your current customers? Keep your loyal customers happy with exclusive deals! Very easy for customers to sign up, they just have to text the word ‘START’ to your virtual cell phone number (provided when you sign-up). If merchants prefer, they can display a tablet for customers to enter their cell into. A tablet is not necessary though, as customers can sign-up by just texting the word ‘START’ to your virtual number. For merchants to send a message, they can log-into a website portal at any time. The portal will let them know how many messages sent and how many left for the month. All messages sent out will include the phrase “Reply STOP to cancel” so your customers can opt-out at any time. If a customer replies to a message you’ve sent them, the text message will be email to you. You will also receive an email informing you when a customer signs up.


Payments will be processed via a PayPal subscription (you must have a PayPal account). You can cancel at any time (by the month). If you’ve sent messages in a month, you will need to cancel at the start of next month.

NOTE: ConsignTill software is not required to use this SMS tool. Any merchant can sign up for this program.