Benefits – Full Version

Viewpoints of RJFSOFT (benefit if you agree)

  • We are partners in our ongoing success
  • Consignment/Resale is a unique and exciting business to be in
  • Consignment is a Win/Win/Win (Consignor/Customer/Merchant) scenario
  • Partnerships and the sharing of knowledge are essential to business success
  • The promotion of a recycling society is an important factor

Consignor Relations

  • Portray an organized and professional manor
  • Incoming merchandise can be entered and tagged quickly (fast to the sales floor)
  • Automated settlements so merchants don’t fall behind in payments to consignors
  • Easily print reports for consignor inventory, sales, and settlements
  • Consignors can view inventory and sales online (optional feature – yearly fee)


  • POS screen opens when program runs (ready for clerk order entry)
  • Large buttons on POS screen for touch screen monitors
  • Clerks often say “This is easier than a regular cash register!”


  • Handles retail (buy-outright) items as well as consignment
  • Easy to navigate drop-down menu system
  • Clerk access can be blocked from administration features/options
  • Accounting features (daily reports, taxes collected, sales, profits, inventory replacement value, etc.)
  • Automated settlement of your consignors (including reports, checks, and envelopes).
  • Improve sales by using the Integrating Marketing Features (customer logging, profiling, wish lists, integrated e-mailing, etc)
  • Review past sales by size, category, brand, consignor, supplier, customer (what products are creating the most revenue).
  • Automated price reduction of old stock
  • Easily find old stock (at X number of days old)
  • Design your own barcode tag (not limited to included tag layouts) if you have the Zebra LP2824 or LP2844 printer
  • Export data to Excel file format

POS Hardware

  • ConsignmentTill is programmed to interface with industry standard and widely used POS hardware (Epson TM-T88 receipt printer, Zebra bar-code printers, barcode scanners, etc.)

Customer Relations

  • Customers are tilled through quickly
  • Easily search inventory for requested products
  • Order discounting for specific customers
  • Customer Logging at POS (search last name, phone, or id number)
  • Record and search item requests (wish lists)
  • Relevant Marketing: create, attach, and search custom profiles of your customers (male/female, brand likes, style likes, spending volume, etc)
  • Integrated e-mail (batch e-mail a customized customer list)
  • Batch print a personalized letter/flier/coupon (name auto inserted)
  • Comprehensive layaway feature
  • Online inventory search of merchants inventory (optional feature – yearly fee)

Operating System Compatibility

  • Win 7 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Win 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Win 10 (32 and 64 bit)

The Cost Factor

  • One time cost for software
  • No cost for tech support (e-mail, phone, remote desktop)
  • No mandatory ongoing costs
  • No cost to install software on other computers (at the same store location)