Consignment Till was a game changer for us!  It was amazing to be able to find a sales software package that is intended for consignment sales.  I have been telling other small consignment shops about how wonderful this software is.  It is super easy to use, and as a bonus was developed by a Canadian.

We purchased ConsignmentTill to use with a 6 week Christmas market.  We had over 40 consignors (crafters, bakers and artists) taking part in this market.  All sales went through a common checkout counter, and consignors were paid their portion at the end of the market.  The market was staffed by consignors who each took two shifts.  ConsignmentTill was so easy to use that we were able to leave people alone for the entire day running the store with only a 10 minute training in the morning!

The most helpful aspect of the entire program is the bar code system.  It was a lot of work to set up, but it really saved a lot of mistakes being made when it came time to processing sales.

We also took advantage of the online backup service.  This gave consignors the opportunity to not only list the items they wished to sell, but also to check sales on a daily basis.

There are tons of really helpful reports that can either be exported, printed or emailed directly to the consignors. 

Ron was extremely patient to walk me through the steps of setting up this software, and was always available to brainstorm creative ways of using the software to meet our unique needs.  It is so nice to be able to speak with the developer about a product, as he actually knows what he is talking about!

One of our consignors summed it up this way:  “It was easy to use, easy to understand and great that we could check our sales.”  I would highly recommend the product.

Sherine Boville
Orchard’s Landing Paisley
Paisley, Ontario

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the work you’ve done making the ConsignTill Software and always being available to help answer my questions.  I just want you to know that I appreciate you.  I’m sure you don’t hear it often enough!

Jennifer Morton
Better Every Day Consignments
Detroit Lakes, MN

First let me say .. Three years ago, when I was first preparing to open my store, I remember laboring over the countless software choices available back then. Choosing your software & hardware was the best decision I could have possibly made. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for putting out such a user friendly and reliable product!

Terrie Burroughs Mitchell, Owner
Virginia Beach, Virginia

I used Consign Till for about 3 years but was talked into going with one of the programs from one of the big companies. The new software was good, however overall it really didn’t do anything more than what I had with ConsignTill, and it was costing me a ton of money in fees and support (every month). In fact, the other program had some features that I didn’t like at all.

After 6 months I decided to go back to ConsignTill and am so happy I did. I am saving a ton of money and find it much easier to use. I have 8 staff that all prefer ConsignTill over the other program as well. We like the layout of the screens and find it to be very easy to use and navigate around. I just hired a new manager and she learned it very quickly. The transition back was very easy and we have since added the web catalog which is a great feature. I love all of the upgrades to both the software and the reporting and was surprised to see all the improvements that came out in just 6 months when I was using the other program.

Michelle Bradley – Owner
Decor on a Dime
Hamilton, ON

First off, thank you very much for your assistance and quick response to our recent requests. Because of your efforts, I was able to have ConsignmentTill ready the day we reopened as Classy Closet. Currently, we have the POS system networked to a Windows 8.1 “server”, ready for adding other POS stations when needed. Additionally, really glad you moved to SQL Server express–system seems much faster than when using the other DB. Again, thank you very much for your software and superb response!

Don Gretzinger
The Classy Closet
Crossville, TN

Have a great day, and thanks for creating a truly superior product! Having come through the nightmare of “product X” and cutting my losses after purchasing their top level program, your product has restored my faith in consignment software, as well as friendly, prompt and most of all, COMPETENT support. Thanks again!

Ron Germann
Anita’s Morning Glory Boutique, Ohio

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the continued support with ConsignmentTill. Over four years in business and you’ve been great to work with since day one. We’ve got our local systems ironed out and are becoming more efficient with each upgrade. Again, thanks for the quick thorough responses to our questions. Support like this is hard to find.

Margo Mundis, LLC.
Sauk Rapids, MN

I own Design Buy Consign a consignment furniture, clothing and home accessory business in Tampa, Fla. I can’t tell you how please we are with your software and the efficient technical support provided by Ron. I highly recommend this software for anyone going into the business.

Cyndee Clonts
Tampa, Florida

The (ski) swap went very well and the new features you added to CT were excellent! The feature of printing out the unsold inventory at time of settlement really worked great and my one admin computer could spit out reports faster than 3 people could write out checks. The option of checking consignors with all items sold also worked great as we could settle their accounts right away. Overall Ron, your software performed flawlessly and really made the swap run smoothly and professionally. You did and continue to do a wonderful job growing Consignment Till into a wonderful package and powerful tool. I, as well as others, have been very impressed with your wonderful product. Please keep up the great work. Right now I can’t think of anything that I would want to see added or changed but I know Consignment Till will continue to only get better.

Steve Heller
Granite Peak Ski Team
Wausau, WI

I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your software. My wife is not super computer literate and she is adapting quite well to the easiness and functionality of ConsignmentTill. I am also extremely pleased with your professionalism and service. No matter what time I have called you and asked for help figuring out a certain function, you have been very quick to answer my questions and your number one priority was making sure I was comfortable with the software and happy with your solutions. I also want to thank you for caring so much about us store owners. I have only owned the software for 2 months and have received several updates based on your customers’ requests. From the first time I called when I was just shopping different consignment software to now, using your software to run my 6000 sq. foot store, you and your company have been well above my expectations. If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to have your customers call on me. Thank you for being part of our team.

Mike Blackhall
Furniture Barn of Lake County
Fruitland Park, Florida

I just wanted to let you know, that I have been using the software and it’s working out beautifully. I was so nervous about which one to pick after months, I decided upon your software and I could not be more happy and the price was perfect. The price was so cheap, I thought it was too good to be true, but you really have a good product and your support is excellent as well. Every day I am learning new tricks and I can’t thank you enough. Again thank you!!

UPDATE TO TESTIMONIAL (purchased second license)…..

Ron I just purchased the program for the new business Gifts and Treasures. I wouldn’t consider any software after already using yours. Your help and assistance is wonderful as always explaining everything in detail. Honestly if it wasn’t for your program I don’t think I would have considered opening another business, but you have given me the convenience in moving forward with my new gift retail store with beer and wine. I can add consignor’s items as I feel fit but it makes a wonderful retail store program as well.
Thanks and l look forward to beginning another relationship with you.

Chasaba Constable
This That Treasures
Port Hadlock, WA

I would like to tell you something…..
Anytime we have contacted you, you’re quick to help us.
So, thank you again, we are very pleased.

Ann, April, Dave
The New To You Consignments
Fulton, NY

I researched several consignment software companies. I searched by price, ease of use of the program and the support. In your quest to find the right software program, I urge you to consider ConsignmentTill. I made my decision after contacting current users of several other companies and the only replies I received were those currently using ConsignmentTill. This was important to me because “real” people were giving me their experience. I also considered price as well as the support I would receive after I made my purchase. Ron spoke to me in detail each time I contacted him by phone or email, BEFORE I even purchased the software. He was quick to reply to each of my email questions and if I had to call him, he either answered the phone or called me back in a short amount of time and treated me no different than a current user. Ron never tried to “sell” me, but allowed me to make my own decision. He never talked negatively about any other software programs or their owners. The morning I was to open for business, I had a critical issue that needed resolved. I called Ron; he answered the phone and spent all the time I needed to ask my questions. I’m very happy with my decision to purchase and use ConsignmentTill. ConsignmentTill does exactly what I need it to do to run my business and it is cost affective. You need to do your own research, but I can tell you that if you try ConsignmentTill first, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

Traci Connelly
TLC & Co
Lees Summit, MO

I just wanted to take a minute and say that we couldn’t be happier with Consignment Till. It has helped us organize our inventory and is a very simple to use P.O.S. system. I don’t want to make it sound like Consignment Till is a simple program. On the contrary, it has everything we need to control inventory, pay consignors, complete sales and keep track of daily, weekly, monthly profits. We haven’t even used it to its fullest extent and are very pleased! I also wanted to thank you for the excellent support and updates. Keep up the great work!

Matt Buhs
Margo Mundi’s Upscale Consignment Boutique
Sauk Rapids, MN